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Exposing "Fake News" Stories, Media Bias, & Propaganda.

The Mainstream Media Continues to Lose the Public's Trust & Respect.

Trust in the mass media is at an all-time low. Two-thirds of Americans believe the mainstream press publishes fake news.

Yes, there’s still much good journalism to be found, if you know where to look. Yet, ask reporters who’ve been around a while, and many will tell you that a lot of good journalism is being left unpublished. Good journalists hate what’s happening to the news.

The so called journalists are the one's to blame.

Journalists have exempted themselves from the normal rules that used to govern us, and so the most egregious kinds of reporting errors are becoming more common. Formerly well-respected news organizations like CNN, MSNBC, CBS , ABC and experienced national journalists are making the sorts of mistakes that aren’t tolerated in journalism schools. When their mistakes are corrected at all, it’s with little seeming regret. And the corrections never garner a circulation as wide as the original salacious narrative.

Special interests understand this, as they peddle tasty bites of scandalous, dubious information, hoping one major news organization or popular blog will bite.

When fact errors are exposed, there are rarely any consequences for the offender. In fact, if anything, they seem to gain more notoriety and prominence after misreporting, and management rewards it.

You’re Not as Smart as You Think

Liberals are trapped in a self-reinforcing cycle. When they use their positions in American culture to lecture, judge and disdain, they push more people into an opposing coalition that liberals are increasingly prone to think of as deplorable. That only validates their own worst prejudices about the other America.

Those prejudices will be validated even more if Mr. Trump wins re-election in 2020, especially if he wins a popular majority. That’s not impossible: The president’s current approval ratings are at 50 percent and going up.

Liberals are inadvertently making that outcome more likely. It’s not too late to stop, keep it going liberals, we appreciate the help.