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Democrat Definition: Hypocrisy, Hypocrites On All Issues.

Democrat Party Has Morphed into an Anti-Democratic Hate Group.

The political left in America has morphed into an anti-Democratic, anti-Trump hate group with the mission of terrorizing anyone who stands against them.

After eight years of former President Obama’s leadership we’ve seen an escalation of racial tension and divide, economic despair and crumbling inner cities, and a level of political intolerance not seen since the Nazis took over Germany.

AntiFa, Black Lives Matter, Liberal elites, Hollywood Liberals, and even our Main Stream Media (MSM) have coalesced into a hate filled and aggressive domestic terror group financed by wealthy Socialists like George Soros and left leaning corporations while at the same time bankrupt of anything having to do with policy.

We’ve seen Snoop Dog hold a gun to Trump’s head and pull the trigger, Kathy Griffin hold Trump’s bloody head in an ISIS pose, Madonna wishing to blow up the White House, SNL showcase Kelly-Anne Conway’s suicide jumping out of a building, and New York’s Central Park production of Shakespeare in the Park where liberals get together to witness the assassination of Donald Trump with knives at the hands of people of color and women.

Liberal politicians along with the Progressives, weaponized the Obama Administration FBI operatives to spy on Trump’s campaign worse than Watergate, unmask names, and illegally leak information to the press, diminish Trump’s election victory over Hillary Clinton and so much more.

It's hard to tell the difference between a Democrat and a hypocrite.

Democrats demonstrate this on every issue. For instance, Democrats are opposed to executing people convicted of committing despicable crimes, yet they have no problem with killing an innocent baby. They are opposed to withholding federal funds to sanctuary cities.

President Obama's pardon of Chelsea Manning along with giving her a sex change operation after being convicted of releasing thousands of classified documents. 

Democrats continually complain about the wealthy who they describe as the "one percenters." Some of the most prominent Democrats, including Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are among the wealthiest people in the country.

They claim Russia interfered in the election of Donald Trump's victory. Democrats said nothing when the Obama administration interfered in the Israeli election for prime minister by sending campaign advisers and taxpayer dollars to defeat Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. When Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election, Democrats think that we should select a president by popular vote instead for the electoral college. 

Yet, they prevented Bernie Sanders from becoming their presidential candidate by using something called "super delegates."

Pick an issue, Democrat are hypocrites.